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Today's the first day of exhibits at CES. I'm going to walk-around with various Scripting News readers. I'm mostly intersted in audio and video (of course, until they invent consumer electronics for touch, taste and smell). Want to be part of the wandering Scripting News brain trust? Let's figure out a place to meet up to wander around. I got two days to see the show. And of course we have to have a place to consume the Apple keynote tomorrow. Will it be webcast? Let's accumulate our intelligence here on the lasagna wiki.


Apple Live Keynote Coverage.

It seems Apple isn't going to do live keynote coverage but the folks at world of Apple ( /) plan to do their own live streaming coverage at the event. -- Michael Gartenberg


(Note: restored 4 a.m. version; somebody pulled an Adam Curry and nuked most of the page except for the info on the Apple coverage. ~amyloo)


Going to CES?


If you're a Scripting News reader who will be at CES next week, sign in here, and maybe we can do some stuff together.


  1. Dave Winer
  2. Jeff Brown
  3. Scott Penton
  4. Jay Bryant
  5. Peter Cranstone
  6. Frank Shaw
  7. Hans Veldhuizen (also at Macworld)
  8. Todd Cochrane
  9. Kevin C. Tofel
  10. Sal Cangeloso
  11. Michael Gartenberg (also at Macworld)
  12. Andrew Keen
  13. Bill Streeter
  14. Alex Williams
  15. Monica Betancourt (also at Macworld)
  16. Brian Benz
  17. paul mooney
  18. Dare Obasanjo
  19. Steve Harf
  20. Pat Hollingsworth
  21. Thomas Hawk
  22. Sandira Calviac, Water For Gas Engine
  23. Gabe Rivera
  24. Doc Searls
  25. Steve Silver

The password is hotpasta.





Like a lot of other people I'm going to send free text messages hanging out at the PodTech Bloghaus at the Bellagio. With tons of pics from Flickr Babes


Brier Dudley's CES party list.


Tips for PC on tv software Vegas and CES: A Resident Geek’s Guide to Las Vegas during CES Filma Shqip Mp3 Shqip

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