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Note from Sanford Dickert


Thank you for coming tonight - and it was terrific having all of you come. If you could, please place your email and/or website below so that we can invite you to other events at Cooper Union and other participating universities.


Again, thank you for your contributions. Have a terrific New Year!


- Sanford


Note from Jeff Solomon


I really enjoyed this unconference, and I would like to thank Dave, Sanford, Cooper Union, and everyone who facilitated and participated. There was one topic that I was hoping to discuss with the group and did not have the opportunity to, so I just blogged about it and would like to invite everyone to continue the discussion in the blogosphere. My post is here:


Happy New Year to all.



  1. James DuPont Smith, a.k.a. Scrappy
  2. Dave Winer
  3. Martin Schwimmer
  4. Ian Landsman
  5. Sean Bohan - DINNER
  6. Mike Kaltschnee (HackingNetflix) - DINNER
  7. Harold Gilchrist
  8. Greg Galant
  9. Bryan Guffey
  10. Durjoy (Ace) Bhattacharjya
  11. Dean Landsman
  12. Howard Greenstein
  13. Tom Maloney
  14. Eric Stephens
  15. Tim Marman
  16. Darren Herman
  17. Ben Bloom
  18. David ( Blumenstein
  19. Mica Scalin (very excited to have an event btw x-mas and Jan. 1)
  20. Greg Cannon -- 27th or 28th could work
  21. Fran Babiss
  22. Whitney Mc Namara whitney AT absono DOT us
  23. David Leibowitz
  24. Matt Terenzio
  25. Bobby Orbach
  26. Bill K
  27. David Berger - DINNER
  28. Cameron Barrett
  29. Jon Mandell
  30. Charles Hope
  31. Nathan Weinberg
  32. Emily Davidow
  33. Josh Davidow
  34. Michael Gartenberg
  35. Mary Jo Foley Gadis Seksi
  36. Dan Kantor dan AT streampad DOT com
  37. Sanford Dickert sanford AT cooper DOT edu
  38. Paul Hardwick
  39. Jeff Solomon - jeff AT jeffsolomon DOT com -
  40. Steven Levy made it.
  41. Steve p0ps Harlow family emergency
  42. Michael Galpert (28th is good for me)
  43. Bre Pettis
  44. Andrew Baron
  45. Ari Fruchter
  46. Alon Cohen -
  47. Benjamin Stein
  48. Doug Kersten- info *at* podglo *dot* com
  49. Constantin Basturea
  50. Mike Cichowski
  51. (Ced)Ric Johnson
  52. paul mooney
  53. Joe Latone
  54. Raines Cohen - DINNER
  55. Liz Danzico
  56. Phil Torrone
  57. Michael Smolens - dotSUB is a browser based tool enabling the subtitling of any film or video from one language into any other language in real time, with no downloads or training, at no cost - using among other models a wiki type model. Take the demo at -
  58. Mike Ronen
  59. Donna Bogatin
  60. Corey Henderson
  61. Veni Markovski
  62. Paul Jeffries
  63. Seth Johnson
  64. John Keegan - DINNER
  65. Bruce Ingalls
  66. Matthew Hirsch
  67. Sol Young
  68. Eve Winer Tech Lines
  69. Mitch Sonies
  70. Rafael Sidi
  71. James Linder
  72. noel hidalgo (aka noneck) - - noel *at* noneck *dot* org - btw, there is no exact definition of an unconference... how can you hold a patent on a conversation? to do what happened this evening, check out - -

The password for the wiki is hotpasta.


Update on Scripting News.


Notes from Dave


Shall we have a Scripting News meetup in NYC in the last week of the year?


Day or night?


I'd rather not do it at a restaurant, because that means each one of us only gets to talk with two or three people. Better to have it in a conference room type place, or a bar (but they get noisy and it's hard to hear people talk).


Another idea is to get a big table in a private room at a restaurant. But that usually requires some kind of guarantee, not really practical for a wiki-style meetup.




Notes from Nick


Is this meeting open to anyone?


~Nick O'Neill (

Notes from Mike

How about a restaurant, but half of the people play musical chairs every 10 minutes? I'm willing to float around with my plate, fork, drink and napkin. There has to be some way to "enable" people to meet others, like speed dating (2 min, next table).


It'll be a bit crazy, but at the Grand Central meetup I noticed that a lot of people didn't get a chance to mingle.


Can we do nametags? I'm willing to bring markers and blanks, and even greet people. First name and blog URL?


- Mike

Notes from Bryan


What about beginning bloggers? Could be a great chance to network./ Later in the week is better for those of us coming back from holiday.



Notes from Greg


FYI - I passed this on to nextNY, which is a great new media group in NYC that has a blog and a lot of bloggers as members.


-- Greg (

What day works for people? I like the -27- 28th.

Sorry, I'm booked on the 27th at night.


-Howard Greenstein

Been laying low to the blogging scene for the past year but looking forward to meeting other bloggers and learning more about the blogsphere. The one day I cannot make it next week is Thursday, 28th

Notes from Ben


I also cannot do the 28th. The 27th would work for me.




Notes from Greg C.

Interested in meeting all you fine fellows, but if anyone knows any local women bloggers, that might make things more interesting And no, not in that way. I'm happily married :-)

more notes from Bryan

Evening on the 27th could work for me. i'll be jetlagged and without an AC adapter, but i should live :-) the 28th works better.

Notes from Gary Russo


I recommend contacting Google's NYC office. Phone is 212.565.0000.

Google NYC has been graciously volunteering the space to a local NY Java SIG:


They have great conference room spaces.

The address is 76 Ninth Avenue, 4th floor (corner of 15th Street and 9th Avenue).


The trendy meat packing district restaurant scene is nearby too.

Notes from Nathan Weinberg

I second the Google NYC offices. They let the New York Tech Meetup use the space in November, and the new offices are spacious and brand new. Also, the 28th is a good choice, anything but Friday night.

Note from James


Wished I could have make it on 27th. 28th would be great for me.

Note from Dean Landsman


Wednesday and Thursday don't work for me -- Friday is actually better. Gee, maybe there ought to be 2 meetings, one Thursday, one Friday. Perhaps those of a mind to do so could attend both. Is anyone going to step up, coordinate with Dave, organize this? Dave, your thoughts?

Note from Paul Hardwick


I can probably do either the 27th or 28th but 28th would be better

Note from Ric Johnson


I can probably do any night except Friday, and would prefer later in the day. I need to come from D.C. - Anyone have suggestions on best way to go? I can grab the train - but I do not know how long it will take and if it will be in service when we are done


NOTE: Missed my train connection - can not make it! Wished I had cuz I wanted to talk to Dave about and try to convince some bloggers to use - if anyone wants to discuss, please feel free to contact me.

Note from Raines Cohen


This just in: James Brown will be lying in state (metaphorically speaking) at the Apollo Theater this Thursday. In case anybody wants to meet there before heading over, give me a holler: (510) 868-1627 from cell or (866) 758-3942 from payphone. Just caught it on the news, here's the AP, hours are 1-8 PM.

Note from Ric Johnson

I just noticed in my emails that I receive the actual email address of people that change the wiki. I found a way to change my notifications but was further dismayed that the page showed eveyone's email in plain sight! Please remove my personal email - save us from the spammers!

Note from Tim Marman

Any update on the location?

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